Hey, me again. What are you fine ladies and gentleman doing this fine evening? Isn't everything just so fine lately? Well, it's not. Today, I woke up to the sound of horns honking, tires screeching, and people shouting. Fun way to start a morning am I right? So I went to school like I usually do, but I couldn't stop thinking about that music contest I told you guys all about. How I was going to win it. Then I remembered. I don't know how to sing! That set the mood for my whole day. And the weather apparently. You New Yorkers would know that it was gloomy, and chilly today. My favorite kind of days. Not because I'm a downer or anything, its just...I like seeing the rain fall from the sky and soke into the cement. The smell of it. The taste of the raindrops hitting your tongue. Like I said, my favorite kind of days. So the first thing I did when I got to school, was head to the band room. No one was going to be there this early, it was 6 am. Technically, the school wasn't even open yet. But I have my ways. They hide a key in the nearby plant pot. I know. I thought that stuff only happened in movies too. What a great security system our school has! Hope some creepy serial killer isn't reading this right now...anyway. Once I got there I set my jacket down on the nearby chair and opened my mouth. 

Needless to say, I wasn't very good. At least to my ears I wasn't very good. I sang one of the songs I heard on the radio the other day. Then the choir teacher walked in. Startled, I apologized for intruding and she told me to sit down. Uh oh, I thought. Am I gonna be in trouble? My parents are going to ki-, wait, she said. She asked me all kinds of questions. For starters, how I had even gotten into the band room. She told me that she could help me. That I had a good foundation for a voice that could potentially be great. I told her that I was just messing around, embarrassed. But she didn't buy that. She offered to practice voice lessons with me after school, three times a week. Without even letting me interject, she stomped off with a wave and said, "See you tomorrow!"

What just happened?!

Girl Next Door

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