To whomever stumbled upon my blog:

Hi. Maybe you know me. Maybe you don't. But I'm just another nameless face that you walk by in a crowded hall, where everyone is hustling and bustling to make sure they're not late to English or Geometry class. Or maybe I'm someone that you bumped into on the busy streets of New York City, while looking at your iPhone. Hope you weren't late for that meeting. But I know who I am. At least I thought I did. Until now.

One day I was in my mom's minivan on the way to school, I turned on the radio, something I never do. Why, you might ask. Doesn't every regular teenager own an iPod, or stereo, where they can bust out to their favorite jams by the pool or just listen to poetry turned into song? Not every teenager. Not me. I didn't own an iPod. The most expensive thing I'd ever owned was a Gucci wallet that I found on the sidewalk walking through Central Park. Other than that I've never owned anything worth having in New York City. But enough about my materials...because that's all anyone cares about. Things. Not people. On the radio I heard the regular news, some local candy store on the corner of the street I happened to live on has been robbed by some idiotic teenage boys again, a dog ran away. But then, something actually worth my attention came over the radio. A contest. The prize? $1,000,000 and a record deal to one of the most elite labels in my city. I'd never sang a note in my life. I didn't know how. But one thing was for sure. I needed to win that contest. For my family. For me. For materials. Because that was the world we lived in now. Who had the hottest new purse, or what about the latest iPhone? What happened to being proud of wearing your cousin's hand me down T-shirt? What happened to a world where opinions were not so judgmental? Did it ever exist? I doubt it.

What do you guys think? Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to do something...but couldn't? Yeah. Me too. Right now, as I look out the window of a bedroom in a tiny apartment, I see the stars in the sky. How maybe another girl or boy might be looking at them at this moment too. Maybe. Maybe one of those stars will be me. 

Girl Next Door

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