Parker Duvall
Real Identity: Julie Redding

Parker Duvall is an alias used by Julie Redding

The Story Behind the Alias

Parker Duvall asked to stay at Julie's house because Nolan drugged her and if her dad found out he would kill her (literally). Being afraid for the truth to come out, Julie refused and drove Parker home and when she went inside her Dad found out about the drugs and beat her to death. Feeling guilty for her death Julie took the identity of Parker due to her identity disorder. Julie would often stage conversations with Parker and people found her hallucinating because Parker died.

Eventually, Ava, Caitlin and Mackenzie went to the police and said that they think Julie (as Parker) killed or injured, Nolan, Granger, Ashley and Parker's dad. They admit they've known this for a while when Julie said that her alibi for being away from The Jalali household when Ava's step-mom was attacked was being with Parker although Parker was dead. Julie was taken and locked up in a mental asylum. She broke out posing as E. Fielder and hid in a hotel under the name Elizabeth Fielder. She and Parker (her hallucination) enjoy eating Chinese Food together.


  • The ending possibly hinted at maybe 1 more book for the aftermath of Julie's escape but it is unlikely
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