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Parker Duvall is one of the main characters in the book series The Perfectionists. She is one of the suspects in Nolan's murder, along with the other four main characters.


Parker's best friend is Julie. Parker is one of the more mysterious characters of The Perfectionists series. She has had to deal with hardship, as her father acted abusively towards her. Parker used to be the most popular girl in school, alongside Julie. However, one night Parker got wasted at Nolan Hotchkiss's infamous parties. Parker's father always got upset at her if she came home drunk or high. Despite this knowledge, Nolan gave an already wasted Parker an Oxycodin. Julie drove her home after the party and Parker found her father drunk in the kitchen. Enraged that Parker was high, he hit her numerous times resulting in ugly scars on her face. Parker became ostracized at school, and her father was sent to jail. Julie, concerned, set up an appointment with a psychologist for Parker, to help her through her struggles. However, this took a sour turn as Parker believed that the doctor was stalking her.

When Ashley was harassing Julie about her secret, Parker took matters into her own hands and drowned Ashley. Parker also pushed Ava's evil stepmother out the window, when she witnessed her hurting Ava.

Parker was also the only girl, out of the five, to know about Julie's secret.

In The Good Girls, it is revealed that Parker died the night her father beat her. Her father had beaten her to death. Julie felt so bad about what happened, believing that she could have prevented her death, that she created a second personality and became Parker. It is revealed to Julie that Parker is the killer, but it was Julie the entire time. Julie committed the murders as her second personality, Parker.



Ava Jalali


Parker and Ava were not believed to be too close of friends before her death.

Julie Redding


Parker and Julie were best-friends before she was murdered by her father. They were both the most popular girls in school. Julie was there the night that Parker was wasted and she knew that her father would be upset once Parker arrived home. Parker had asked Julie if she could spend the night at her house, but Julie declined saying that she wasn't allowed to have people over. However, the truth is Julie was embarrassed about her mother's hoarding disorder and their house was cluttered with dirty, useless junk. 

Caitlin Martell Lewis


Parker and Caitlin did not have a relationship before she was murdered.

Mackenzie Wright


Parker and Mackenzie did not have a relationship before she was murdered by her father.

Physical Appearance

Parker has blond hair and scars that mar her beautiful face. She was always seen to be wearing a black hoodie.



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