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Mona Vanderwaal is one of the main characters of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

She is portrayed by Janel Parrish.


Pretty Little Liars

Formerly an unpopular girl, after the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis, Mona Vanderwaal rose to the top alongside her best friend Hanna Marin. Together the two became unstoppable but where Hanna still kept her nice ways, Mona became another Alison. Mona feared of going back down to the bottom and made sure that she stayed popular no matter what the cost. She often tormented Lucas Gottesman, as well as made fun of Jenna Marshall, both of whom she was seemingly acquainted with in the past. Mona eventually became a victim of the infamous and mysterious "A" and joined the Liars to put a stop to the awful game. However, in the season two finale, it is revealed that Mona herself is "A". She claims that she began torturing the four girls after three of them stole Hanna from her. She attempts to kill Spencer after giving her an offer to join the A-Team, which Spencer declined. After her reveal as the formerly anonymous stalker, Mona was sent to Radley Sanitarium for treatment. Here, CeCe Drake came to her asking for a partnership and the two became "A" together, along with a team of other "A's". But in the third season finale, Mona's game is stolen from her when CeCe kicks her off the team and Mona herself becomes a victim of "A". Together with the Liars, who still don't trust her, Mona works to bring down the new "A". After CeCe Drake is unmasked as the new "A", Mona tries to move on with her life, but still senses that CeCe may be up to her old tricks. After CeCe is released five years later, Mona kills her in self defense, leading to rise of a new "A", an Uber A, known as "A.D.", who seeks to uncover the identity of CeCe's murderer. "A.D." is revealed to be Alex Drake, the twin sister of Spencer Hastings and half-sister of CeCe Drake. Alex sends Wren Kingston to kill Mona, but Mona convinces them to let her join the A-Team again instead. Mona becomes a helper to Alex, but is secretly playing her, and double crosses her in the end, trapping her and Mary Drake in a personal dollhouse and finally becoming the ultimate and final "A".

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Season 1


When Alison DiLaurentis arrives in Beacon Heights, she goes to her home to settle in. Upon entering the home, she believes she checks out the basement. When she shuts the door, she is startled by Mona standing behind it, holding a knife and pie.

Alison asks what Mona is doing there and she reveals that she works at BHU in Recruitment and Admissions. Alison says she thought Mona was in France and Mona claims that it was great for a while but the reasons she was there escaped her so returned to the United States to work in Game Design for Hotchkiss and 10 months earlier she was hired to help refine their student and faculty selection process and it chose Alison. Alison questions why Mona didn't inform her and Mona asks if she would have came if she did, to which Alison claims she wouldn't have. Mona then reveals she came there for a fresh start, noting that it is easier to earn trust from people if she hasn't already given them a reason not to trust her. Alison then mentions her marriage with Emily Fields and mentions that Emily can't get past the past. Alison notices Beacon Guard and questions Mona about it, to which Mona explains its uses as the schools security system. She then offers to give Alison a tour of the campus. She gives Alison the pie to put in the fridge and Alison goes to do so. When she leaves the room, Mona speaks to the mirror, saying that Alison is as determined as she ever was.

The following day, Mona gives Alison a tour and explains the history of the Hotchkiss family, namely Taylor Hotchkiss, who she reveals committed suicide and Alison is now living in her house.


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  • Mona is one of two confirmed characters from Pretty Little Liars to be starring in this series.
  • Mona was one of the primary antagonists of the original series, Pretty Little Liars, known as "A".
  • When Pretty Little Liars ended, Mona had won the "A" game and became the final "A" and kidnapped Uber "A", Alex Drake, and her mother Mary, locking them inside her own personal dollhouse. It is currently unknown how this will factor into the series, though I. Marlene King confirmed it would be addressed.[1] Mona subtly reveals that the two of them have escaped.
  • Janel Parrish said that Mona is "not trying to hide who she is anymore.... She's never really just on anybody's side, she's kind of on her own. I think she's established herself as one of the good guys, but she's definitely got darkness, and issues and secrets, and that will stay the same... because she's Mona."