Mary Drake is a minor character in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.


Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Season 1


Mona alludes to Mary and Alex, mentioning to Alison that her "reasons" for being in France espaces her, revealing that Mary and Alex managed to free themselves from Mona's captivity.

The Patchwork Girl

Mary is mentioned in a conversation between Mona and Dana Booker, when the latter questions if Mona is afraid that Alex and Mary may come for her.



  • When Pretty Little Liars ended, Mona had won the "A" game and became the final "A" and kidnapped Uber "A", Alex Drake, and her mother Mary, locking them inside her own personal dollhouse. It is currently unknown how this will factor into the series, though I. Marlene King confirmed it would be addressed.[1] Mona subtly reveals that the two of them have escaped.
  • Mary is the twin sister of Jessica DiLaurentis, who is Alison DiLaurentis' mother.


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